By submitting a letter you confirm that you are the writer and that you hold all of the publishing rights of the letter. By submitting, you also understand that you are giving Eff U Letters and it’s ownership the right to publish your letter as we see fit with no restrictions and with all necessary rights and ownership. We will own your letter. Having said that, we will give you credit whenever possible because, let’s face it: you matter. Eff U Letters is an archive of unfriendly letters. Perhaps you’ve received or have given a nasty letter to incite a break-up, to quit your job or wrote a letter to someone just to get something off your chest. Perhaps it was an exercise in venting and you wrote a letter that there was no chance you would ever send.

Here at Eff U Letters we hope to build a vast archive so people can freely use the letters for their personal purposes, helping them say what needs to be said. For those who need to lay something on the line with no real hope of return.

So please submit your letters, burn your bridges, tell your boss what you really think of them as if you just won $50 Million, dump your loser boyfriend, tell your girlfriend that you slept with her sister, out of spite of course – you get my drift?

Don’t worry about your technical skills, we’ll fix that up (if we can) and don’t worry about your language because this site isn’t for kids (unless they’re really cool and rebellious kids).

Please check out the guidelines for submissions for more information.

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