March 2, 2010


You’ll Regret You Lost Me.

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

At first when you called me 2 years ago, I was extremely happy, confused, and somewhat surprised that you thought about me -and even got my number..It had been 4 years since I had heard from you when I left that boarding school. I loved how we talked, we got along, caught up, and I felt so bad for my at the time boyfriend, I broke up with him for you. I ask you if you had a gf, you said no. I look on facebook, it claims you’re married to some chick and she’s writing all over your wall. I let it go, and you said you had ‘taken care of it’. You put me through hell for the whole of 2010-2011 year. You pushed me and pulled me, you made me feel like the best thing that’s happened to you, then you’d make me feel like I’m the scum of the Earth. And I allowed that! When we finally got together in 2012, I thought things would be right, but something did not sit right in my heart..I knew you still had feelings for her, but I had given up so much there was no way I was going to lose you. I gave you my everything, and you still continued to LIE to me, like I’m worth nothing. All those times I’d text you and you’d barely text back, barely call me, couldn’t even at least ADD me on Facebook…That said a lot. It really said a lot. Then you decide to tell me that ‘you still have feelings for her, you’ve been meaning to tell me but you knew i’d be hurt’ Well, you should’ve told me A REALLY LONG TIME AGO before I gave you EVERYTHING. You then have the audacity to ask me to help you win her back, and since I LOVED you, I was kind enough to say yes. And she disrespects the hell out of me, and you don’t even try to set her straight, or even at least back me up! You just took her side and said I was crazy. I was being immature. You fucking hurt me. After ALL that I’ve done for you, all the patience I had for the past 2 years, THAT is how you repaid me? You know what, even though I still think about that situation, I’m glad we’re not together. I still think about how much you hurt me. I want to get rid of this pain, but it’s so gosh damn hard! I cannot believe I fell for your lies. And thank you for being a dick because now I know; in order to love a good guy, you have to love a couple of assholes first. I’m so glad I’m free of you. I changed my number, blocked you on facebook, twitter, skype, oovoo and even changed my e-mail address. There’s no way you’ll EVER get ahold of me now. I don’t EVER want to hear from you again. And I know karma will come bite you and your girlfriend in the ass. You will truly be sorry for everything you put me thorugh, and you’ll wonder ‘why are all these bad things happening to me?’ Because of you, I’ve learned to be stronger, wiser, more level headed, and become more suspicious of men. Because of you, I have hope in the world that there are better guys out there than you. I will find a guy that is TWICE the man you were. Shit, you weren’t even a man, you’re a BOY. I do not wish you the best in life. I do not wish you happiness. I want you to feel pain before you can even begin to know what happiness and love feel like. You can go to hell. You can go fuck yourself. I will find a man that is so much more deserving of my affection, my time, my love, my kindness. I do thank you in a way because you’ve taught me a lot of lessons about assholes and now I can definitely spot an asshole when I see one. So deuces to your sorry ass. I’m moving on with my life. I’ll become successful, I’ll become happy, I’ll become everything I intend to be, and one day you’ll be sorry you ever took me for granted, and treated me like I’m nothing. So, fuck you, and go rot in hell along with your rude, obnoxious, immature 23 year old girlfriend who acts like an 18 year old. You’ll regret you lost me one day.

Sincerely yours,



I Can’t Get Over You Getting Over Me


It was a title match

I was a twelfth-round knock-out

I wasn’t morning sun

But you were a midnight black-out


You took me up and down

On your rollercoaster

Less up than down

But I would have killed anyone for you


And I can’t get over you getting over me

And I can’t get over you getting over me


You were a marathon

That left me so exhausted

Body and mind

And thoroughly disgusted with myself


When you’d say jump

Everyone was at your service

And when you got that look

You made everybody nervous


And I can’t get over you getting over me

And I can’t get over you getting over me



Maybe I stayed too long

And then I couldn’t wait to escape

Maybe I left too soon

And you were just about to change


And I can’t get over you getting over me

And I can’t get over you getting over me


You left me twisted

More broken than bent

Is the new guy a prince

Does he like your stupid friends?


I’m still wounded

And I can’t stop the bleeding

I apply pressure

But I still regret not cheating that one time


And I can’t get over you getting over me

And I can’t get over you getting over me

And I can’t get over you getting over me

And I can’t get over you getting over me




I Can’t Get Over You Getting Over Me

Words and Music by Chad Gendron 2011


I HATE YOU: a letter to my ex

You hurt me so bad! I’m having trouble breathing. No one was as close to me as you except my mom, and even she didn’t know all my secrets.
You let my birthday go by ignored, which wasn’t surprising, but it did prove how you didn’t really want to be friends after all. I don’t know your previous intentions and I won’t second guess them now, but just by judging your actions alone, you don’t care about me.
Why didn’t I trust my instincts? You kept lying to me, telling me crap bs, stupid promises and declarations of love that were based on the moment and not your true heart. I should have listened to my 11th grade history teacher who told me to use my head to make decisions based on the facts only. But my heart wanted to believe you cared. I guess in this case my heart was wrong.
I have a date next week and it feels like I’m cheating on you. He has a lot in common with you, actually, which sucks. He’s black and a sci fi geek, except he’s more warm and expressive, which you lacked (you were a cold douche bag).
He even sent me a birthday card (without me having to hope) and wants to do something special for me. After being with you so long, that’s a first. I hope I can learn how to handle being with a person who knows how to treat me right!
Yes, you did nice things, but I realize those acts were driven by obligation and a sense of guilt, not passion. You’re an ass for acting like I was such a burden to you and blaming me for your problems.
Today I really hate you. I don’t even like your ugly name. It rhymes with pee and it’s just as stinky. You are holding me back and you aren’t even here!
It’s amazing how I can hate someone so much that I used to love. The thought of you repulses me—you with another woman, telling her your crap lies as you use her for sex. You’re probably with someone like Jamie, because you ____________ brothers are masochistic weenies who get off on women who cheat, call you names, and humiliate you. I never did those things to you and you treat me like garbage.
I guess I should laugh at you in front of your family and put you down like L does to your brother D (who is such a wimp…I liked him but he lets his wife walk all over him and he actually prefers to LIKE it that way).
Next time I am going to stay away from you a-hole “nice guys” and your “long-suffering” (as you characterized yourself) ways.
Ya’ll just want someone to blame for being irresponsible, so you can hide behind their apron, you wimp!
I hope you get kicked out of college; you deserve it for playing videogames instead of doing your assignments. You always lied to your professors and told them you had some kind of emergency. You’re full of it.
I know I deserve better than you and everyone knows that. They know what a jerk you are. E even said she wouldn’t put it past you to have a booty call; she never trusted you. Funny how I was so blind. I feel like such a fool for letting you manipulate me by acting like I was incapable of choosing my own outfits, meals, and everything else. You even put down my writing.
I just got accepted to a professional writing school, little do you know…

Eat that, you bum!


Editor’s Note:

Here’s a book that might help:

The 12 Step “Relationship” Detox Program: A Girl’s Guide to Help Regroup, Rethink, and Rediscover Herself After a Bad Break-Up

Here’s a song that might help:

Carrie Underwood: Some Hearts (Track 7: Before He Cheats. The rest of the album may or may not cheer you up.)

And if all else fails, here’s a movie you might find fun:

The Last House on the Left (Unrated Edition)

You make me touch ur hands for stupid reasons…

Here is a fine example of being so hurt that spelling and punctuation go out the window. But sometimes just letting it rip is the best approach. If you took the time to edit, there might be the temptation to ease off a bit. Remember, sometimes irrational is the best approach.

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